Donna's School of Dance is "Simply the Best!" My daughter, Ali Maljan has danced here for five years. She has grown and progressed tremendously not only in her dance abilities, but also as a person due to the wonderful teachers and quality instruction that she has consistently received. Dance has become her passion and Donna's School of Dance has provided her with countless opportunities to pursue that passion. The studio is also run very professionally with important dates published well in advance to make schedules work easier for all of us busy parents. Recitals are amazing and never fail to impress all of our family and friends who attend. Whenever my daughter has been asked what dance studio she attends, she has always answered with confidence and great pride, "Donna's School of Dance!" Thank you Donna, Krystle, and all your staff for the wonderful dance training you have provided over the years!"

Donna Maljan

“When my daughter was 3, I took her to a local dance studio who began almost immediately to push her to enter into an extensive, expensive, competitive dance team. At the time, she was at best wishy washy about dance and in my opinion no three or four year old is really ready to make such a committment.  Furthermore, I found out that it was not only my child they were pushing to get involved but everyone else’s too.  This of course got me wondering whether or not it was my child’s talent they wanted or just my money.
When I switched to Donna’s, I felt the opposite was true. I truly believed that dance was about the girls. They were not pressured into competing and were encouraged to have fun and go at there own pace. As a result, my daughter began to love dance and to not ever want to miss it. Each recital was like a holiday week in our house and each year my daughter’s love for dance has grown. As she has gotten older, she has asked to take more classes and get more involved.

Michelle S.


“Emily has been a student at Donna’s for the past eight years.  She has grown so much as a person and a dancer with Donna and her teachers.  She particulary enjoys the positive atmosphere, and has fun while receiving excellent instruction.  She has made many friends and looks forward to coming back every year.”

Linda P.


My daughter started dancing at Donna’s School of Dance when she was merely 5 years old (now 11).  Since then, she tried different types of dance and even gymnastics & she loved them all!  I looked around at other studios yet none could compare to the quality of instruction, cost & performances.  Each class instructor is dynamic!  They take time to correct mistakes and recognize accomplishments.  We plan to continue for many, many years!  Thank you Donna’s School of Dance!!!

Amy S.


Thank you for providing my girls the opportunity to learn to dance, but more important the example you lead as far as positive motivation and confidence! We appreciate you, your mom and all of your teachers for their hard work and dedication, we love you all!
Thank you for sharing yourselves with us!

Dina D.


“We consider ourselves so fortunate to have found Donna’s School of Dance 10 years ago when we moved to the eastern suburbs.  My oldest daughter danced in another studio where we used to live and we were nervous that we wouldn’t find a studio as friendly and professional and beautiful as the one my daughter was used to.  Well, we found an even better studio for my daughters to enjoy.  My oldest daughter danced at Donna’s for 8 years and my youngest daughter is currently on her fourth year and she loves it more than ever. The team of teachers at Donna’s is so special and caring, they have made my girls feel so good about themselves, and have increased their self esteem ten fold.  Donna’s philosophy of “fun and the love of dance” is exactly what we were looking for!  There is no pressure to be “the best”, but the entire team sure brings out the best in all of their students.  The end of the year recitals are the highlight of the year because of the fun and camaraderie of the event and all of the students love to show off their skills and are so proud of all that they have accomplished.  I give Donna’s School of Dance a 10 out of 10 across the board for fun, professionalism and caring!  We give Donna’s the highest of recommendations and anyone who is lucky enough to attend Donna’s is very fortunate!  Thanks for all you do Donna and your team of amazing teachers!!!”

 Susan F.


My daughter Megan has been dancing here since Fall 2001and absolutely LOVES it here!  She likes the fact that she can dance and enjoy her other commitments – Donna and her staff all try to accommodate everyone and their busy schedules.  She has been able to play soccer, cheer for Midget Cheerleading, Middle School Cheerleading, Allstar Cheerleading, Swimming, Diving, Singing lessons, and track throughout the years.  I love the fact that I don’t have to give a big check for her costumes around the holidays since she divides the costs between the monthly payments.

I also love the fact that everyone is treated equally and there is no “good group” and “basic group”.  Everyone receives the same level of instruction at their pace and the improvement through the year is phenomenal!  I truly believe that the instruction that Megan has had at Donna’s has helped her to be chosen to dance in the 2010 IKEA Thanksgiving Parade as an All-American Cheerleader and she recently made the 2011 Performing Arts Veterans Day Assembly with two other dancers.  She loves to perform and Donna’s School of Dance provides her with an opportunity to do what she loves without having to live at a dance studio.

Debie R.