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As summer draws to a close, we want to see some of those great photos you’ve captured! For a chance to win $100 in gifts, enter your favorite summer dance photo onto our Facebook page from 8/26 – 9/26. The contest rules are as follows:

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  • Photo must be taken outdoors showing your child’s favorite dance move
  • One dancer per picture
  • One picture per dancer
  • Dancer must be currently enrolled in Donna’s School of Dance. Not registered? Register Here

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Winner will receive $50 off your next months tuition AND a $50 Visa Gift Card.

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Instructions for Posting:

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Add a new post to the page, just to the right of the studio reviews.

Select ‘Photo/Video’ before you post your photo.

Click the plus sign within the gray box to select your photo.

Finally, you’ll click post once your photo has been selected and you’re all done!