What ages are the students?

The youngest we start students is age 2 1/2.   Most dancers continue until they complete high school.  We do not offer adult classes.

When do you accept new students?

Our season starts the week of Labor Day and ends with our yearly recital in mid June.  Since we need to order costumes in December, we can only accept new students from mid June until the beginning of December.

Is there a parents viewing area?

Yes, our 2 front studios have spacious viewing areas and our back studio is equipped with a video viewing system on a 42″ color TV that parents can watch.

How do you determine what class is appropriate for my child?

We place dancers by age and ability.  New students are typically placed in a lower level so we can evaluate them and, if needed, move them up to a more appropriate class.

Do you pick costumes that are age appropriate?

YES. We believe young children should dress like young children.  We never allow our dancers to wear any type of inappropriate costumes on stage or attire in class.

What is included in the monthly tuition?

Our tuition includes your child’s registration fee, costs for dance instruction, all costumes and all tights for our annual recital.

When is payment due?

Our season is based on a 9 1/2 month year and tuition is due the first week of each month. A $10 late fee will be added when payment is over 2 weeks late.  Let fees will be waived is there is an unexpected situation that has occurred.  In these cases, please see our secretary to discuss.

Do you have a recital every year? When? Where?

We have an annual recital the second week of June.  Due to our outstanding relationship with the Franklin Regional School District, we are the only dance studio that they allow to use their high school facilities each year.

Do you have a competition team?

Yes, our program promotes a cooperative environment requiring all dancers to respect, encourage and support each other.  We participate in several local competitions and we require attendance in at least one dance workshop per year.   We have three teams.  Our minis are ages 6-9, juniors ages 9-12 and teens 13 and up.  Auditions are held in June.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]