Based on a 9 1/2 month season, your child’s tuition includes not only the fee for instruction but also all costumes and tights for our annual recital in June.  This fee will be processed on the credit card that you have on file and will be run on a recurring basis from September until May.  You will be charged only half of this monthly fee for June.  If your child withdraws from dance before costumes are ordered in December, there will be no additional fees required.  If your child withdraws after costumes are ordered in December, the balance for all costumes will be processed on the credit card on file. FAMILY DISCOUNTS:
Families with multiple dancers enrolled in our studio will receive a monthly discount of $10 per child which will be applied to your account. FUNDRAISERS:
Twice a year we run a Sarris Candy Fundraiser.  Our first sale is at Christmas time and the second is at Easter time.  You will earn 20% of your total sales which will be applied at the end of the season in June.  These funds can be used towards tuition, tickets for our annual recital or the purchase of your recital DVD if you wish. DANCERS:
Always come to class/rehearsals prepared and dressed in appropriate dance attire.
Always bring all dance shoes to class.  Bring clean tennis shoes for Hip Hop classes.
Always encourage and support each other.
Always try your best.  Give 100% in all of your classes and learn from yours and others mistakes.
Always have fun and dance from your heart.
Trust the process, trust your teachers. DANCER DEVELOPMENT:
Our DSD teachers will hand out Progress Reports to the students mid season and again at the end of the season.  These reports will let the parents know how their child is progressing in several different areas,
1. Obeys Rules
2. Follows Directions
3. Tries Hard
4. Uses Manners
5. Kind To Others ATTENDANCE:
Dancers are expected to be on time for all regularly scheduled classes.  It is at the teacher’s discretion whether or not the child will be allowed to participate in that class.
Multiple absences may result in a request to bring your child in for private lessons to get him/her caught up.
Injury/illness/family emergencies will be handled on a case by case basis. COMMUNICATION:
If you have any questions for a teacher specific to your child, please leave a message at the desk with your contact information so that our staff can contact you to discuss.  Do not pull a teacher out of class in order to have an in depth conversation with them as all focus needs to be on the students. PARENTS:
Do not disrupt your child during class.  If you have a question for them, wait to ask between classes or during their break.
Exercise proper etiquette at all times in the studio.
Accept and allow your child to learn and appreciate the journey with its ups and downs of getting or not getting opportunities.  Understand that there are times they have to learn that hard work and dedication will help them to rise and be better, healthier young adults. As much as we teach the kids in the same class, like anything else, they all process this knowledge differently.  We will do everything we can to encourage the dancers to give them self worth and promote self esteem.